The motion awards

Space cats, golden deserts and a mystery cave.

Universe is the third of a series of three 10″ promos for The Motion Awards (by Motionographer).
The team at Motionographer asked us to help with promoting the first edition of The Motion Awards. With a timeframe of just a month, our team produced three awesome 10 second shorts as a part of the promotional campaign that kicked off a month prior to the event.

The other videos can be found on our Behance page and our website. You’ll find the nominees and other promos at

about the project
Like most experienced motion designers, we’ve studied for a ‘regular’ job by day in the 00’s, but learned the craft of motion design by night. That’s mostly due to the fact that it’s a very young industry: there still are just a handful of schools that teach in motion design. Like many, we ditched our original career soon after graduation to pursue a future in 2D and 3D animation.

With the rise of internet and YouTube tutorials in the 00’s, ambassadors such as Andrew Kramer and Greyscale Gorilla led, learned and inspired our team members to become a motion designer as well. 

Motionographer has been the one website since those early days that collected the best of the best in our industry. It showed us what to aim for, inspired us to improve and gave in-depth articles that revealed how other designers experienced our new industry. 

After ±10 years, we have become experienced professionals and were honored to to give share our skills and talent with the community and design these promos for The Motion Awards.

the process
We’ve received a carte blanche, except for these simple rules: It should be 10 seconds in length, end with the logo and have black, white and gold als it’s primary colors. It has been a community effort, so other international acclaimed studios created promos as well. 
Directed & lead designer – Max van Gorkum
Design & simulations – Serginho Brooks
Motion design support – Thymen van Haren
Motion design support – Len The Nguyen