We’re always open for talent and designers who want to share their portfolio.
If you’re one of them, please send us your reel and a short note to jobs@makeemsay.com.

Just some quick information: 
– We only hire local (Amsterdam area) colleagues.
– Our team is Dutch, so a good understanding of our language is very much needed 🙂
– Our 3D workflow is AE/C4D/Octane based. No need to apply if this is not in your skillset.
– If there is a job opening, you only find them on this page.
– We have a full-time vacancy about once every 6 months.
– We really really really prefer a unique, one-of-a-kind e-mails, so please don’t send copy-paste mails.
– We’ve got a dedicated job inbox: Please send any inquiries to jobs@makeemsay.com.




We have two fulltime job openings.

Experienced motion designer

A kickass motion designer who knows how to make awesome 2D and 3D animations. You work in After Effects, Cinema 4D and Octane and are an expert in making it look nice, smooth and   super sweet. 

Junior motion designer

You’re talented, young and ready to be shot in to 3D space. A promising showreel is all you need to apply.

Year Established
Team Size

There are three internships available right now. 

internship augmented reality

An internship where you will dive into the world of motion graphics and AR. You’ll jump back and forth in Cinema 4D to Unity and back into Spark AR. 

internship marketing & sales

Get up to speed in the world of advertisement, high-end design and marketing & sales for ánd with creative people.

internship motion design

2D animation, 3D animation – we’ll throw all we’ve got at you. Six months of high-pace learning about thinking ánd working as a kickass motion designer.

Year Established
Team Size

Interested in joining our studio? Send us a mail!

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