The moonboots NFT collection

Crazy shoe in space. Times ten thousand.

The Moonboots genesis collection is a series of 10.000 individual images that are being traded as NFT on the OpenSea platform.

We designed over a hundred layers (25 boots, 25 backgrounds etc.) that our technical partners used to calculate 10.000 individual versions with. The static images here above are examples of these.

The animated versions below are ‘legendaries’ – the most valuable NFT’s that were generated but handcrafted and unique. 
Each NFT gives you access to a community that shares token and NFT rewards (airdrops) to their members. The rarer your NFT, the more rewards you receive. The Golden Grenade NFT is the most valuable of all.
Moonboots is a blockchain inspired community built by some of the most prominent leaders in the crypto industry. The community is active on Discord and Telegram. We produced the series in collaboration with (art direction) and Moonboots Capital (client). 
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