Do Nuts!

project summary

Someone yelling “Let’s go Nuts on this Donut thing you’re making!” marked the start of this project. That doesn’t sound very organized, and that was the whole point :). While looking at a simple donut test-shot on one of our screens, we decided to play around with it a bit more.

When we had some spare time in-between all our client work we knew it was the right moment for some non-commercial work. While playing around with new texturing software (Substance Painter 2), testing out switches in our Octane render module and learning some stuff about sound design we used this simple storyline to improve our skills and make something nice along the way.

The “Do Nuts!”-video is just as well a test case for a different, brighter and more colorful look for our future videos. Our new studio colleague also learned some new workflow steps, so all-in-all it was a nice and quick project in-between projects.

The project was done in about three to four days: One for texturing and setting up the models/textures/lighting. One for rendering and the third for corrections and sound design. Oh and we played some FIFA in-between so that’s day four.

Cart Overview