McDonald’s ─ Cadeau Kalender Campaign

project summary
For the second year in a row, McDonald’s treated it’s costumers with a ’present calendar’-app: A discount coupon or present for loyal clients on every day in December.
This could be a Big Mac burger for just one Euro, a whole menu for cheap ánd you could even win fantastic prizes. We joined McDonald’s agency (TBWA/Neboko) and app-builders Superhero Cheesecake to design all animations and 3D visuals for 2016’s campaign. The app required us to make an animation for every day of this festive month: 31 in total.
We designed a total of 45 boxes: Round, square, octagonal, you name it! For everything outside of the app we designed one ‘key visual’, as we call it: The main poster, from where we designed animations and prints for TV-commercials, online and offline advertisements and posters for in the restaurants themselves.
Social media were used as well: We created separate, special origami-style animations for use on social media.