To give bit more background information about what we do, how we do it and how comprehensive a project can be we’ve created three cases. Each one represents one of the branches of our work: advertisement, brand identity and festivals & events.

These are our three highlighted cases

Advertisement: deliveries.

Instead of focussing on óne project, we give you here an overview of the many types of videos we make for ad agencies and their campaigns. We’ll jump from traditional ads to social vids and pop outside for the in-store ads and highway advertising spots.

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Brand Identity: LeasePlan

For the biggest part of 2017 we worked with DDB Unlimited to create a series of brand films for LeasePlan. The global car rental company needed a fresh new type of explainers that matched their brand, but also had a distinctive and different look from the traditional 2D explainer videos.

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Festivals & Events: Ultra Music Festival

The Ultra Music Festival in Miami is the biggest electronic dance event in the world. We’ve made dozens of awesome animations since our first project in 2011. Here’s what we did.

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