This is what we delivered:

ULTRA LIVE TV show opening titles
During the festival, millions of dance lovers tuned in to the ‘ULTRA LIVE’ live stream on the dedicated UMF TV channel. For this yearly, international production we designed several supercool show opener to get everyone excited for the world’s hottest EDM DJ’s. Here are the titles from 2015 and 2017.

“Ultra Worldwide” documentary titles
For the always highly anticipated aftermovies (Ultra Worldwide films), we need to tune down the intensity of our opening animations. Because the films are só densely filled with music, film director Final Kid especially requests from us to keep the energy low and make it a relaxed start to an intense movie.

Good to know

Ultra has been around for almost twenty years, we’ve been working with hem since 2011.


Our production partner for the UMF TV and ULTRA LIVE shows is NOMOBO (no more boundaries) Amsterdam.


For the UMF Documentaries, we collaborate with Final Kid Amsterdam.

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